* These are some of the barbecue options that we offer, please contact us for our full menu *

  • Party Platter 1: BBQ Meaty Grill (serves 6 - 8 people) consisting of Spring Chicken, Lamb Tikka, Chicken Tikka, Chicken Drumsticks, Lamb Chops & Kebabs spiced individually and cooked in signature style with Sauces & Chutneys

  • Party Platter 2: BBQ Fishy Grill (serves 6-8 people) consisting of Crab Cakes, Salmon, Cod, King Prawns, Scallops individually marinated in signature spices with Tamarind sauce

  • Party platter 3: BBQ Veggie Grill (6-8 people) consisting of red onions, carrots, peppers, courgettes, cauliflower, broccoli, aubergines, mushrooms, baby potatoes, sweet potato, corn on the cob marinated in a Fennel & Black Olive dressing and tossed in a specially infused salt and pepper mix

  • Party platter 4 (serves 18-20 people): Homemade multigrain baguette cups with range of dips and crudités

  • Thai Chicken & Coconut Skewers

  • Tilapia & Red Onion Kebab brushed with Garlic Butter

  • Chicken, Cheese & Rice Skillet

  • Chicken Breast marinated in Lime, Ginger & Coriander

  • Mediterranean Vegetable & Tofu sticks with Lemon & Basil oil marinade

  • Stuffed 12” Baguette with Peppers, Sunblushed Tomatoes, Olives & Salami

  • Chapatti Egg & Lamb Mince Roll

  • Spiced Couscous, Almond & Feta Salad

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